FF14 Endwalker Best Ways to Level Up Fast [Top 5 Ways] (2023)

In Final Fantasy XIV, players can unlock and play a variety of combat jobs. However, while unlocking them is simple and quick, the same cannot be said for leveling them up to their current cap of level 90.

FFXIV has a job system that allows players to easily switch to a different combat job without having to create an additional character for those who want to keep their options open and be able to switch to many different jobs depending on the mood and content they want. . to type.

As a result, this article aims to help FFXIV players by providing tips on how to best organize all of your in-game battles, as well as which method is best for which players.

There will be five options available for players to try out and determine which is best for them. Of course, these options can be combined, and players can even do all five if they want to level up quickly in FFXIV.

That said, here are some of the best ways to level up in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker:

5. Hunt Logs (best for early game)

Hunt Logs is an existing game system that was introduced to the player base early on in A Realm Reborn. Having been in the game for so long, this method is best suited to newer players or battle jobs that have recently unlocked and cannot access most of the game's content due to their low level.

How it works:

  • This content is available in all battle classes, which means it is only available for the game's base battle class that can be selected at game launch.
  • Thus, new combat jobs introduced in the later expansion, such as Astrologian, Dark Knight, and others, would not have access to hunting logs.
  • Hunt Logs is a book that players can open by pressing 'H' on the keyboard or accessed through the game's character menu.
  • Players will have a set of 5 hunting log lines to complete per battle category and each line will contain a set of monsters that players will have to hunt.
  • After successfully killing the listed enemies, players will earn experience points.
  • Additionally, monsters included in the player's current battle job hunting log will have a head mark, making them easier to locate in the field.
  • Completing a series of hunting logs will also give players additional experience, as well as unlocking the next series of hunting logs that players can do.
  • Hunting logs are a good and quick way for players to level up in low level combat from level 1 to where they can enter dungeons and do other content.

4. FATEs (best for early and late game)

FATEs are another piece of content that was introduced early on in A Realm Reborn, and they're also a good way to level up in low-level combat positions, especially for those who don't yet have access to dungeons and other combat. happy.

How it works:

  • FATEs are special events that can occur in field areas and feature a progress bar that people in those areas can fill.
  • When the progress bar reaches 100%, the FATE is completed as complete and all participating players will earn Experience Points, Gil and Grand Company Seals based on their contribution towards said FATE progress.
  • There are many types of FATEs, from killing monsters, taking items and tokens from the field, protecting someone or an item, following a person, a FATE boss that requires many people to kill, and much more.
  • FATEs are also required to do many other things in the game, such as Zodiac and Anima Relic Weapons, as well as Resistance Relic Weapons in Shadowbringers.
  • In the Shadowbringers and Endwalker arena areas, players can also earn Bicolor Gems by completing FATEs, making it an ideal leveling system even for late game players.
  • This is because bi-colored gems will allow players to buy many unique minions, crafting materials, as well as triple triad cards and more.

3. Dungeon Spam (best from start to finish)

Dungeons have always played an important role in MMORPGs, and FFXIV is no exception. The dungeon system was used by the game to enhance the narrative of the main story questline, as well as to serve as a multiplayer terrain.

How it works:

  • . Players will have access to dungeons from level 16 to level 90. There are many dungeons available in the game that can be accessed right now.
  • With the arrival of the Endwalker, players no longer gain experience from mobs, but gain large experience points from killing dungeon bosses, so normally players gain 3 large chunks of experience each for killing a boss. in the dungeon.
  • This means players don't have to kill every monster on the field and can immediately head to the boss room to gain items and experience points. This will save you a lot of time to level up in dungeons.
  • In addition, players will also be able to acquire gear and equipment that they can use as they progress through different dungeons, which will help them tackle higher-level dungeons.
  • Players will also be able to earn Rare Minions, Orchestra Rolls, as well as some Glamor that they can later put in the Glamor Chest for future use by doing multiple dungeon clears.
  • In Shadowbringers and Endwalker, players can also make dungeons with Trust members, which can also be leveled up when players use the Avatar system. When all Trust members reach levels 80 and 90 respectively, players will be able to change their Glamor as well as earn achievements and titles.

2. Bozja (best for level 71 and above)

Bozjan Southern Front is an example of a battle introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion, with a strong story and the requirement to be able to craft Shadowbringer's line of relic weapons, the Resistance Relic Weapons.

How it works:

  • Players must first unlock the snapshot by completing the main story questline for Shadowbringers and completing the Ivalice story by clearing all three of Stormblood's alliance raids.
  • Players will then be able to enter the Bozjan Southern Front, an instance where players can enter a combat job with a minimum level of 71.
  • Players can then kill mobs as well as complete skirmishes and campaigns in Bozja to be able to gain massive experience points and be able to level up to level 72 and above very easily.
  • In addition, players can also receive quests for their Relic Weapons while Bozja, so that they can obtain the necessary materials to be able to craft their Relic Weapons.
  • In this way, players will be able to get a shiny weapon bonus in addition to quickly leveling their combat jobs.
  • Not to mention, doing skirmishes and kills in Bozja will also increase your stamina rating, allowing you to do more Bozja-related quests and unlock more areas, which will net you more experience points.

1. Daily Roulettes (Best for all players)

Until now, daily roulettes are the best way to increase battle ranks from low level to maximum. It's been a way to level up combat since the game's inception, and it's still going strong today.

Daily Roulettes are Roulettes of Duty that players can complete and completing each one will reward players with a huge bonus for doing so once a day. Players can see which Daily Wheels are available by pressing U on the keyboard or selecting Service from the Job List Main Menu.

How it works:

  • Players will be able to queue for any task wheel they have unlocked, as long as their battlecruiser has the minimum required tier and equipment level for those tasks.
  • The leveling roulette gives a lot of experience points and can be inserted into any combat job starting from level 16. It will allow players to enter a random dungeon that they unlocked in FFXIV.
  • Main Scenario Questline Roulette is also another way to quickly rise through the battle ranks. Players can join after completing the MSQ for A Realm Reborn and queuing with a battle task of level 50 or higher.
  • In addition, Frontline also offers a lot of experience points and only requires a level 30 combat job for players to join. The daily bonus given by Frontline can increase one or two levels and a half level or more for higher level combat tasks.
  • Other roulette options like 50/60/70/80 and Alliance Raids also provide decent experience points, but the aforementioned three should be prioritized first each day.
  • Players can do Leveling Roulette and Frontline if they're short on time, as both tend to only take 20 minutes at most, so players only need less than an hour to be able to level up a level or two for their battles.

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