FFXIV Reaper Guide: Mission Unlock, Starting Rotation, and Level Up Fast (2023)

A new expansion means new jobs in your worldFinal Fantasy XIV. This time with Endwalker we have some fantastic additions with Reaper andWise. And if you want to enrich yourMelee DPSgameplay or like the idea of ​​summoning a Grim Reaper to fight by your side, you should probably play as a Reaper inFFXIV.

Here, we'll show you how to unlock Reaper (it's super easy) and walk you through how to properly play Reaper at level 70 so you can start off on the right foot. We also have tips on how to level up quickly to speed up your progress and use Reaper on higher level content.

How to unlock Reaper

First thing's first: you really need to unlock Reaper. You are required to have at leastanother combat job at level 70emyEndwalker to your account. Then you need to look for the quest called "The Killer Instinct" inThe steps of Nald in Ul'dahby the Flustered Attendant NPC - the exact coordinates areX: 12,8,S: 8,6.

After a few brief dialogues and cutscenes, you'll complete the quest and get the Reaper's Soul Crystal and an equipment chest to start with. However, the gearbox will not include accessories. You should be able to use accessories from other Melee DPS jobs, but if you don't have them or want better gear, buy some from a Market Board or spend Tomestones of Poetics (if you have enough) to get Scaevan Augmented gear. which is the best you can get at level 70.

Immediately after unlocking the Reaper, we recommend doing the next quest called "The Harvest Begins". You get a chunk of EXP and a tutorial-like example that will show you how to play the job. But there are a little more nuances that you need to understand the game.

Early Reaper Game Guide and Rotation

The Reaper starts at level 70 and has a well-developed and improved skill set since jumping. Below is a simplified guide that outlines how you should use your skills and abilities as a Reaper.

  • Basic Single Target Combo:To slice->hair removal slice->slice of hell.
    • Each attack adds 10 points to the Soul Gauge.
  • Basic AoE combo:rotary scythe->Nightmare Scythe.
    • Each attack adds 10 points to the Soul Gauge.
  • When your Soul Gauge reaches 50 points, use ithast of blood(single target) orGrim Swath(cone AoE).
    • You then gain the Soul Reaver effect.
  • use the attacksForce(side),Force(delayedGuillotine(AoE icon) while under the Soul Reaver effect.
    • The position conditions above indicate additional power when performed from said position.
    • You must use any of these three while in Soul Reaver. otherwise, the opportunity is lost.
    • Using Gallows GrantsReinforced Strength, and using Gibbet grantsreinforced hangers- next time you have Soul Reaver effect, use any of them for extra power.
  • Always useDeath shadow(single target) orThe Tower of Death(AoE) to apply its effectDeath Projecton enemies before launching their main attacks.
    • Death's Design deals 10% damage to affected enemies.
    • A hit from any attack applies the effect for 30 seconds, and can be applied for a maximum of 60 seconds - just make sure it never lands.
    • Killing an enemy that was under the effect will give you an additional 10 points in your Soul Gauge.
  • To usesoul slice(single target) orsoul scythe(AoE) as quickly as possible and integrate your spin when available (30s shared cooldown).
    • Both attacks are oGCDs that give you 50 points in Soul Gauge, making Blood Stalk and Grim Swathe readily available.
  • Don't underestimate its usefulnessentrance to helleway out of hell
    • These abilities teleport you 15 yalms forward and 15 yalms backward respectively.
    • This gives the Reaper a lot of additional mobility to dodge attacks or close gaps in combat.
    • Use any oneharpan instant cast, allowing you to do some ranged damage.

For a more comprehensive view of the Work, be sure to read ourReaper full overview and review. Represents the skills and abilities that are available when you reach the cap at level 90.

How to level up fast

While it's nice to start at a fairly high level, there's still a long way to go for the level cap - especially for Reaper, as his skill set doesn't open up until level 80. This gives him room to adapt to the new work , but you'll want to get there sooner rather than later.

Level 70 - 71

In these early days of yourEndwalkerand Reaper is a new job, you'll probably find out what it's calledtrens FATE. These are groups of players running from one FATE to another in any zone to grind for EXP. Some are in groups, but most are just random players joining together to team up. For level 70 and above, look for FATEs in Shadowbringers zones. If you find a group doing the same, stick with them. The more players on a FATE train, the faster the grind.

the nut huntit's an easy way to get some decent daily EXP, so hopefully you've got the Clan Nutsy Hunt Board unlocked in the Crystarium. With this you can claim rewards, which ask you to kill certain specific enemies.shadow bearerszones. Each bounty tells you where to find the enemy, so it's not too difficult.

Clear,η Roulette of Dutyis your main source of EXPIRED grinding. Exhausting each type of Roulette wheel for the daily bonus is always a smart move. The only thing is that queue times for DPS players tend to be quite long. At least you can hop on a FATE train or do any other non-mandatory content while you wait.

Level 71 - 80

Upon reaching level 71, you get additional opportunities to increase EXP. The first thing I would suggest is to get your Reaper up and running.facing the Bozjan. It is a separate zone with 72 players in total. You'll want to look out for Skirmishes (basically FATEs) and Critical Engagements (random Boss Fight-like events) while in Bozja, because they provide very generous chunks of EXP and appear quite frequently. If you don't have Bozjan South Front unlocked, check out ouroptional content guideto see what you need to do.

Bozjan Southern Front is great because you sync up to level 80 and your speed level is set to 430. This means you also have access to more of your job skills at level 80. However, you don't have access to Enshroud since The ability is unlocked through quest level 80. It's unfortunate because Enshroud is the most important game mechanic for Reaper (see more atReaper full overview and review).

At level 71 you can start using ittrust systemI runshadow bearersdungeons with your fellow Scions. This is great for DPS jobs because you save time by not having to wait in long lines. However, it can be very difficult, as it takes about three dungeon runs to beat a level, and doing the same dungeon over and over again can be tedious, even if it is efficient. If you've done this for other tasks, maybe stick with Bozja (unless you don't mind grinding).

Again, you will always want to exhaust the daily bonuses offered in yourduty roulette, even though queue times tend to be long. Still a good source of EXP at later levels!

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