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Post office in Augusta, GA (1)

Roberto Proctor

The package I ordered on eBay said it was in Augusta on the 23rd so I thought I would receive it today on the 24th but when I checked the tracking information it said it was in Norfolk VA and it took me two to get through Atlanta because it left for two different areas up there, the post office really needs to get their act together


Post office in Augusta, GA (2)

bart rey


My mailman only seems to deliver the mail on the days he wants to. I don't get mail for two days, and then I'll have so much mail on the third day that it's falling off. If they cannot receive the email correctly, the. Mail needs to be picked up

(Video) 1st Amendment Audit At the post office USPS Its yall’s Rules not mine!!Augusta Ga😉🔥I got feelings!


Post office in Augusta, GA (3)

Oscar Howard (Deficient Veteran)

My package was ordered from Amazon. Arrived April 3, 2022 (7:18 PM) at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Appling, GA. April 4, 2022 (2:21:15 am) Shipped to PO Tucker, GA (9:40 am) Arrived Augusta, GA April 7, 2022 (10:19 am) Arrived Atlanta, GAA April 9, 2022 (2:28 pm) Artives in Augusta, GAWhere the hell is my package? Why do you keep transporting my package to different places? Just mail my package to the post office on Peach Orchard Road (Augusta, GA) Call me when it arrives and I will pick it up with my tracking number!


Post office in Augusta, GA (4)

Phyllis green


Why is the post office open after 8 at Veterans Dr. let's go at 8 o'clock is it stupid?


Post office in Augusta, GA (5)

angelina skinner

I wonder why the mail hasn't been delivered to the Heathers Glen subdivision since Saturday. Is there anything we should know?


Post office in Augusta, GA (6)

Dona Rodriguez

I want to know why I keep getting mail or packages from other people in my mailbox. UPS also delivered other people's packages to my house and left them on my front porch.


Post office in Augusta, GA (7)

JL El Amin


No, check! I need to speak with someone from the 8th usps. Problem, the carrier puts people everywhere and anyway, puts other people's mail in other people's boxes, not caring about a thing.


Post office in Augusta, GA (8)

ann b edwards

Ga's energy bill is late, why?

(Video) 1A Audit, US Post Office, Augusta GA


Post office in Augusta, GA (9)

donna hobbs


I would like an appointment to renew my passport.


Post office in Augusta, GA (10)


So I've been home for the last 2 days. I'm waiting for medical supplies supposedly they said they tried to deliver my package for 2 days and what a lie I was sitting in my room at the time of the supposed deliveries. Your medical supplies say on the box. I can't investigate anyone over the phone and I'm incapacitated and can't go to the post office so now my package will be there. They even claimed they left a note with instructions on my door for failed delivery. No note and no attempt to deliver. The mail didn't even arrive when I got the email. I received the email at 11am. I saw the postman at 3. This is fraud and this post office needs to be investigated ASAP.


Post office in Augusta, GA (11)

Thomas P. Rucker

Just to let you know. I deal with this almost every day. I just checked my mailbox. It's a vault. Also not covid related. I understand that packages will arrive late. Here is my tracking information that I copied and posted. Have a good day. Tom >>>>Lun, Apr 19 Details Susps Tracking #9374889716090525394739 Apr 19, 202112: 50pm Delivered to Door/Portchaugusta, GA 30909 Apr 21, 20212: 45pm Mailbox Delivery, GA 30909 20212:11am


Post office in Augusta, GA (12)

Justin A. Funderberg

My item has been at this post office since the 5th, now it's the 12th and still not ready for delivery. What is the support?


Post office in Augusta, GA (13)

Joel Craddock


I have a package that was scanned and it says it hasn't been delivered since last Thursday

• Replyed to Justin A Funderberg

Post office in Augusta, GA (14)

travis flinches


I need to talk to someone to get my replacement arrow lock into the box in my apartment complex. Spring house apartments.

(Video) Security Guard Impersonates Police Officer | Post Office Violating Federal Law


Post office in Augusta, GA (15)

faucet faucet

C19 was distributed via junk mail, specifically COMCAST bulk mail... STOP RELEASING C-19 IN COMCAST MAIL, please...


Post office in Augusta, GA (16)

anthony t burroughs


My car was towed last year. He wanted to know if my items were there. My address was 1535 Essie Mcintyre Blvd... You can reach me at 7622248475.


Post office in Augusta, GA (17)

map of mintosh

Voy a tu casa buh monja buh monja buh monja buhnunbuhnunbuhnunbuhnunbuhnun 🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈

• Respondeu Anthony T Burroughs

Post office in Augusta, GA (18)

anthony t burroughs

I'm at 1825 Cooney Circle Augusta, GA 30904

• Respondeu Anthony T Burroughs

Post office in Augusta, GA (19)

Samples Debi


I called and called the contact number. The phone rings and then hangs up. I tried to send an email and the email bounced. I finally filed a complaint against the PO. I can see on my tracker that my package has been at Augusta PO since October 5th, now it's October 27th! There are no excuses for such slow delivery.


Post office in Augusta, GA (20)

Samples Debi


I finally made a claim to the post office. See how suddenly my package becomes active! I got a call apologizing and was told it would arrive the next day. Two days later, it finally arrived. It took 2 weeks from ordering in California to Augusta ga. So it took 15 days to get from Augusta to Wrens!

• Responds to Debi's samples

(Video) McCormick Post Office Rally

Post office in Augusta, GA (21)

Russ Gladden


Unacceptable. No one answer the phone. When you dial a number above or below the main number, you finally get a voice message, with MAILBOX FULL! The irony.


Post office in Augusta, GA (22)

Barbara Schaffer


I received a tracking notice this morning. Package to deliver. I need to sign, so I'm home all day. The mail lady is coming. No packages. She says to call the post office. I said can I have the number? She gives me the wrong number. I follow her out into the street. She calls again. Give me the correct number. She says the manager on a line will call me back. BS I've been on the phone for 2 hours calling. No reply. Now is the time to close. Where is my package that I just tracked and it says it's here? I wasted all day. I need medicine. What's the use of tracking if no one gives you the right information? And why couldn't she talk to who she was talking to? No drugs. They don't answer at the 8th post office. Terrible service. terrible mail lady


Post office in Augusta, GA (23)

Angel from the sky


Unacceptable. Once my packages arrive in Augusta, they stay there. And lie down there. After a WEEK I finally try to call, I can't even get through to anyone. So I had the company call the post office to start a case. Magically, the package moves the SAME day and is delivered. This has happened to 12(!!) packages already and 8 of them were not delivered, instead they were sent to random locations like Macon, back to Atlanta or cities I've never heard of. When they are sent back, they rest again in Augusta... for a week. Apparently I'm not the only one this is happening to. Someone has to be fired.


Post office in Augusta, GA (24)

Areion Ferguson

Glad I found this review, my package has been in Augusta for two weeks and still not delivered. I'm going to escalate this and open a case because it seems when I went to the 8th st and location on Peach Orchard rd I keep hearing the same thing. "It's out of our hands, we just have to wait until they figure it out"..

• Replyed to angel skyes

Post office in Augusta, GA (25)

V Coleman

I tracked a package and found it had been there for 3 weeks without notifying me or putting it in my box. The supervisor at the time found him. I tracked down 2 other packages and found that one had been delivered and signed for 3 days earlier but had not been placed in my box. The other had been signed two days ago but hadn't been put in my box. The supervisor said that he looked for the packages but did not find them. He asked me to come back the next day to give him time to investigate. I came back the next day and the supervisor still hadn't found my packages. This is ridiculous. Either they are in there somewhere, or someone stole my packages that work there. I'm trying to file a complaint but I can't get through to a customer service agent because they put you on hold for over an hour and then hang up on you. I can't do it online because it doesn't accept the tracking number. Now I am still waiting for my packages to be refunded. Then I'll have to reorder the items I bought and wait another month to receive them because someone at the post office didn't do the job or steal the boxes. Someone needs to be fired. This is so aggravating.


Post office in Augusta, GA (26)

tina had


Curtis Baptist School mail is delivered to Curtis Baptist Church. The church is closed on Fridays and is not set up to receive snail mail on Fridays. I received an email from Oriental Trading stating "The courier attempted to deliver your UPS SurePost package and left a delivery notice with instructions." The attempt should have been today, February 7th, at 9:13 am. There is no mail delivered to the church on Friday and I looked it all up outside the church and "no delivery notice with instructions left". Indicates that delivery will be attempted two or three more times. UPS and FedEx deliver church deliveries to the school on Friday, which is located at the back of the building. However, as I said above, no postal mail is delivered on Friday. I hope this package will be delivered on Monday.


(Video) Closing Augusta Post Office


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