Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (2023)

Post von Martinez

Handelsstrasse 125,Augusta,GA 30907

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TTY: 877-889-2457
Toll-free: 1-800-Ask-USPS® (275-8777)

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Montag24 hours
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Wednesday 24 hours
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Wednesday 17:30

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Montag9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m
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Wednesday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m
Thursday9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m
Freitag9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m
Saturday9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m

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Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (1)

Michael Window (Owner - Laura Jean Shellito)

On October 30, one of their postal workers was unable to deliver an Amazon package to 4458 Shadowood Drive Martinez, Georgia. I received a message from Amazon saying the package could not be delivered at 3:57pm because the driveway or front door was inaccessible. The garage has space for 6 cars. There were 3 cars in the garage yesterday. There was at least 6 meters behind the next car on the road. There was absolutely nothing obstructing the front door and the front door was open. My daughter and I were at home all day. I took photos of the driveway and front door which clearly show no obstructions. It is clearly evident that your employee made no attempt to deliver the package. Also, I tried 5 times to call the Martinez post office. There was no answer. Call me: (631) 877-4034

(Video) 1st Amendment Audit At the post office USPS Its yall’s Rules not mine!!Augusta Ga😉🔥I got feelings!


Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (2)

in Paul

I bought insurance for a package and when it was delivered the lady called and said the screen which was bubble wrapped had a hole in it! What do I get with the insurance?


Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (3)

Bobbie Howell

Seriously? The mail ALWAYS comes! And I don't get most of my emails, but I sure do get other people! Compensation checks for missing workers never come in And my DMV renewal labels were sent on 3/1/22 and are now on 3/25/22? Where are they?? I have to go to the DMV and overpay because the postal service sucks here!


Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (4)

Tom D.

Nobody ever answers the phone.


Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (5)

Top choice roofs

The courier delivery for our store is absolutely terrible! I put mail in my mailbox every day and only get my mail when they have mail to deliver. I send out invoices daily which sit there for days because they think if they have nothing to deliver then there is nothing to collect! I call the post office and never get anyone to answer the phone. I literally just watched as the postman drove to the other two companies on either side of me and delivered the mail, but I didn't bother to check my mailbox to see if there was any outgoing mail! I shouldn't have to drive to the post office every day, we're a BUSINESS!


Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (6)

Ron Stahler

As a taxpayer I would like to know why this mail never goes to the phone?


(Video) 1A Audit, US Post Office, Augusta GA

Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (7)

Jeff Reynolds

A client of mine paid for me to build him a pc, I paid S/H and insurance and subscription service, priority mail, $178 and change and subscription confirmation totaling $3000 in insurance, the pc would take 6 days instead this took 10 days, the customer wanted it delivered on saturday, i was told by the order that it would arrive on thursday, it didn't arrive until monday the week after it was posted, plus the postman who was responsible for was responsible for delivery This $3000.00 PC was to be signed for by the customer instead I received a call from my customer at his work at 10:28am with a message that the package had been delivered to an individual, now me know that my clients husband and wife weren't any of them at home and their kids are in daycare so my client went and went home to find the pc on the porch for everyone to come and see it can pick up if he wants which is the point of charging your customer ers S/H insurance/ subscription service/ subscription verification, priority if your service does not include these services I would like a refund for the incompetence of your delivery driver who does not appear to be at my or my business thinks email is important enough to do the job it's paid for. After calling Agusta Georgia phone number 6 times and hanging up 6 times tell me about their service


Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (8)

Shirley J Oakess

Until last month our courier service was great. Now we have subscriptions once or twice a week. which gives them a belated charge. I've lived here for over 20 years with no such problems. Return trips are often made to leave behind undelivered mail.


Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (9)

A. Boykin

Let me save you all the time... there's a fight ahead. No need to try calling, you won't get it, local or 800. So yes, meditate as much as you can...if it's medicine you're not getting, it doesn't matter how important it is is not available. It's best to eat as many vegetables as possible before your package finally arrives. but please do not waste your time or energy getting upset or calling. stay positive about the things you can influence...but please don't let this issue ruin your day...good luck everyone.


Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (10)

Josef Balmain


Where is my email, to Danille Farr, Property Mail, 551 Crossing Forest Martinez Georgia 30907, Tracking # 9505513628870290238005..


(Video) Security Guard Impersonates Police Officer | Post Office Violating Federal Law

Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (11)

Pat Burge

More than once I've noticed a post truck parked on Watervale Road and the driver got off with mailboxes in the street, sorting or something? Yesterday it was truck #0229513 @ 1:39. Why don't you sort your mail at the post office and pull off the road somewhere to do it? It looks suspicious and makes you feel that courier delivery is not safe.


Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (12)

Don Wilcox

So what gives the local post office the right and authority to hold packages containing the user's medicines delivered in the mail while the packages are being shipped from Amazon to the customer? Medicines are a far greater need for me and many others than anything that comes from Amazon! I wonder what Post IG would say about this?


Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (13)


Our postman pulls into our driveway when there are packages to be delivered and then hangs around sorting mail or taking a break. That's not the bad part. You can't seem to drive the truck well enough to get out of the driveway without running across the grass. Twice I put up low fences hoping to keep them off the grass and both times the fences got run over. I left a note for the carrier, asking them not to pull up in the driveway, but to park by the mailbox and take the packages out onto the porch. That's what UPS and FedEx drivers do. They do not destroy fences or grass.


Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (14)

Dianne/Continental Construction Co.


(Video) McCormick Post Office Rally

Subject: Our P.O. Box on Commercial Blvd. I've been looking for supplier invoices and customer checks since the first week of October. A customer stopped paying the check and wrote a new one. Today is November 13th and guess what was in our box. Mail and checks October 4-11, 2018. Over a month. Where have you been?


Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (15)

H Greer

A delivery note was left on my door today that the registered letter could not be delivered. My office is 3' from my front door. My husband is in the office all day. Nobody even knocked on the door. I simply taped the notice to the protective glass door. There was absolutely no reason someone couldn't have knocked on the door. Now we have to wait 3 days since Monday is a holiday before we can go to the post office to pick up the letter. That's why I now do all my postal business via email.


Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (16)

M. Pennington

I live on Stevens Creek Road and the postman left the mailboxes open today. I don't understand how this can happen and disciplinary action needs to be taken


Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (17)


ME AND MY BROTHER ARE DISABLED. I HAVE SPINE DISEASE AND MY BROTHER HAS HIP DISEASE. HE HAS INSTALLED A SHELF ON THE HANDRAIL WHERE HIS DRIVER CAN LEAVE OUR PACKAGES AND THEY REFUSE TO PUT IT THERE WHICH WOULD MAKE IT EASIER FOR THEM. But they refuse to put them there and what my neighbor said I missed deliveries because I couldn't get them out of the drive and they were stolen from our property thanks to their "damn" carrier!


Post Office in Augusta, Georgia (18)


Anyone walking to my address on a Sunday should be fired. Every time I have a delivery on Sunday it is not delivered to my address. I have no idea where they drop off the package but it's never my house. This has happened over a dozen times. I think I have to order things so they don't get delivered on Sundays. I'm lucky that wherever the packages go, the person is kind enough to drop them off at home a few days later. This is absolutely ridiculous.




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