Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (2023)

Greek food quickly rose to number one for my husband and came close to my undeniable adoration.Mexican.

What exactly was it that made us fall in love? Well, my apologies in advance, but this will make your mouth water. Big moment!

There were some groceries thereGreecewhich had strange names for our English languages, but were so delicious that we really wanted to remember the name. I decided to put together a list for you so that you can relax next to the crystal clear waters of aGreek islandYour tummy won't feel left out. Or if you can't do it, at least¡cocínalo!

Island Tip: Explore the Greek islands by ferry. Find out about current prices forAtenas a Santorini.

Travel tip:Turkey is a neighboring country brimming with traditional foods. If you want to visit Turkey, compare the hotel options

1. Rotunda

Greece has gyros, souvlaki and kebab which is pretty much the same where I come from so we asked our guide to explain the difference. A gyro is when meat is grilled vertically on a skewer. Slices are then placed on pita with the typical accessories: sauce (tzatziki), tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and often French fries. They are cheap and so delicious! But too complicated for kids, try the alternative.

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (1)

we stayed in theOscar Hotel AthensThis was just around the corner from a Stathmos Larisis tube station and within walking distance of street vendors selling delicious gyros.Read more reviews...

2. Souvlaki

It means skewer, meaning anything that is grilled on a skewer (lamb, chicken, pork, etc.). These are great for kids (and adults, too). Sometimes these can be served in a gyro-like style, wrapped in flatbread with sauce and garnish. Other times just the meat on a skewer.


Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (2)

Sorry, I ate it before I could take the photo. Here's a stock photo for you.

3. Doner

A doner kebab is a long piece of meat, similar to a hamburger. It's meat, all shredded and compressed into a sausage. These are great for kids. A good doner kebab has a lot more flavor than you might expect.


Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (3)

Sorry, I ate it before I could take the photo. Here's a stock photo for you.


Fried cheese. i need to say more

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (4)

This photo was taken on the island.Citnos, one of our absolute favorite islands of all time.

5. Tirokroketes/Sfougata

Golden melt fried cheese balls. I definitely don't have to say more! (From the expert: sfougata is made with local cheeses, while tirokroketes usually have mixed cheeses.)

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (5)

6. Revive feet

Similar to the Middle EastFalafel, this is a ball of fried chickpeas filled with a mixture of spices unique to Greece.

(Video) Top 10 Foods to Try in Greece | Greek Dishes You MUST Try

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (6)

gourmet tip: Some of the best food in Greece is inCreta. And to move around this island, you need a rental car. We recommend checkingRental center Cretefor decent prices and quality cars.

7. Feta Me Meli

Baked feta wrapped in filo pastry then drizzled with honey. A dessert or an appetizer, who knows? That isjosh's favorite. The delicate balance of salty feta and sweet honey makes for an unforgettable feast in the mouth.

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (7)

8. Go up

It's like lasagna without pasta. Sautéed eggplant, ground beef, tomato, onion, garlic, potato, bechamel sauce and gratin cheese, layered and mostly covered in cheese.

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (8)

9. Tiropyter

Triangular dough made with phyllo dough and filled with a delicious mix of Greek cheeses. So simple and yet so delicious.

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (9)


That wasmy favorite dipfor as long as i can remember and the greeks do it so well with their amazing greek yogurt. It's basically yogurt and cucumber seasoned with garlic. It goes great with meat, vegetables, pita, or just neat with a spoon.

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (10)

11. Greek salad

Famous all over the world, but the Greeks still do it better. Crispy cucumbers, juicy ripe tomatoes, olives, red onions, and a big plate of feta on top. Seasoned with olive oil, vinegar and lemon juice. It is a basic in all meals.

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (11)

12. Olives and olive oil

Most of the restaurants on the Greek islands make their own oil from their own olives. The Greeks have been growing olives for thousands of years. Local olives accompany most Greek dishes and most dishes drizzled with olive oil. Why not?

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (12)

13. Dolmataquia

You've seen these stuffed vine leaves on the menu in Israel. Usually these are filled with rice, pine nuts and fresh herbs. I like them hot.

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (13)

14. Taramosalata

This is often referred to as a salad, but it's actually a dip. One that I would not have tried if I had known what it was beforehand. But I loved it. A creamy mixture of pink or white fish roe (roe). If you don't like things that taste like fish, fear not: it tastes so good you'll lick the plate.(It's the plate on the right)

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (14)

16. Spanakopita

These were offered to us all over Greece. Filo dumplings stuffed with spinach and feta cheese. Available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. A Greek favourite.

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (15)

17. Lokoumades

For those waiting for the sweets, try these. Basically, they are Greek fried donut balls soaked in honey or syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon. Josh stuffed a handful into his mouth.Irresistible.


Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (16)

(Video) 25 GREEK Dishes To Try 🇬🇷 | Food + Drink in Greece

go in style

18. Vanilla U Boots

The name describes it perfectly, it is a spoonful of vanilla fudge dipped in a glass of water. You lick it like a lollipop and then drink the remaining sugar water. Too much sweetness for me, but Josh and Mia had no problem polishing theirs.

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (17)

Above:Not many people in Greece have heard of it. we found themVainilla-U-Bootin Chora on the islandSifnos.

19. Glyka Tou Koutaliou (Löffelbonbons)

Traditional Greek restaurants often offer free dessert. We often bought Greek yogurt (or crème fraiche) with fruit jam. The weirdest thing we tried was a carrot jam that turned out to be the sweetest and most delicious of all.

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (18)

20. Location

Butter cake made with semolina, raisins, almonds, served alone or with vanilla ice cream and pomegranate syrup.

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (19)

Prima:Kythnos Cake

A delicious shortcrust pastry tart filled with cheese and honey that tastes almost like a cheesecake paired with a quiche. My description really doesn't do it justice. It's just delicious! This dish is unique.Citnosand definitely try it.

Top 20 foods you must eat in Greece (20)

Ok, if your keyboard isn't shorted out from your drooling now, well done! It's easy to see why we love Greek food so much now. Now that you know the lingo, head over to our series of food tours around the Greek islands:Citnos,Sifnos,milo,BelowYcarry.

During our stay in Athens we stayed in various hotels.Find the lowest prices on hotels in Athens.

Above:Plan your own ferry holidays around the Greek islands. Visit thecurrent ferry prices.

Reader Comments...

"I reply to all comments directly via private email. I look forward to your feedback" -josh bender

Delicious, some of them look very good. :)

Christy Uplifting Familien 18. mayo 2014

I have to admit, I've never heard of the Vanila Submarine, and I live here!

Bex 19. mayo 2014

I can't wait to try some of these until #TBEX. I love gyros and have a few but need to try as many of the others as possible. Thanks for sharing!

mike hinshaw 19. mayo 2014

Bex: We had it in a very old (1900) small restaurant in the middle of the Chora in Sifnos. You have to try!

Administrator May 20, 2014

(Video) Top 10 Greek Foods You Need To Try

Well, now I'm hungry for Greece.

michelle 23. mayo 2014

I had some kind of Santorini dry roasted tomato dish to die for and for the rest of my life I wish I could remember its name.

michael see 25. mayo 2014

Mmm, I love Greek (and Mexican) food! I am intrigued by this vanilla sub.

Jaime 10. Christmas 2014

I tried Loukoumades for the first time earlier this year and they were absolutely great. I'll be back in another part of Greece in a few weeks and see how many of these I can find. There are some old favorites that I know well, but also a lot of new ones on this list.

kathryn burrington 15.09.2014

Going in two weeks... I CANNOT WAIT to try all these deliciousness!

leslie August 10, 2015

This vanilla spoon is called a mastiha. It comes from the island of Chios, it's actually such an inside tip

Desi 19. August 2015

Avoid these foods:
Gemista (tomatoes and peppers stuffed with rice and meat)
Fasolada (soup with beans)
Psarosoupa (fish soup)
Melitzanosalata (aubergine, feta, garlic and olive oil sauce)
Kourampiedes (traditional Christmas cookie with almonds and powdered sugar)
Pastitsio (pasta with meat and baked béchamel)

Maria - Greece 13 January 2016

I can not wait to go

(Video) Top 10 Greek Foods

ella Stand 30.12.2016

Great article with a nice presentation of some of the good stuff (there are so many more amazing options that could be in other people's top 20), but I personally don't know a Greek who hasn't heard of "Vanilia". It is a variation of masticha that has a distinctly floral flavor and is made from the sap of masticha trees on the island of Chios.

spy 1. August 2016

Damn I love food

lauren 7. August 2016

Number 13. Dolmathakia, these are from Arab countries like Lebanon, Palestine, Syria. They are called Waraa Eenab in Arabic, as in vine leaves. They may contain rice with meat or rice with another mix of vegetarian rice. You should try the Arbs version, you won't regret it.

Drunk 2. mayo 2017

Hey! A small correction/comment. Everyone in Greece knows the Vanilla Submarine. It is basically part of the childhood memory of every Greek child. Maybe you had a language barrier?

Miguel 19. mayo 2017

*I* see the article *me five seconds* It's in Greece. take me there now

(I won't say, sorry) October 20, 2017

zährliche Gerichte zur Auswahl aus Patsa, Kokoretsi, Tzigerosarma, Kleftiko, Melitzanosalata, Tyrokafteri, Kolokythopita, Oktopus, Kolokithakia Gemista, Pastitsio, Galaktompoyreko, Siropiasta, Katsikaki, Sofrito, und die Liste geht weiter.

Lazarus December 11, 2018

You have not included Bougatsa = crispy puff pastry filled with hot custard. It is usually available in the morning and mid-morning. You should try it once, you won't regret it.

Jetta 29 November 2019

Thank you for constantly sharing in detail the best useful Greek restaurants in London. I really enjoyed reading your post.

Keira Morán March 6, 2020

(Video) TOP 10 RESTAURANTS in ATHENS | Greek Food Guide

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