[Top 5] FF14 Best DPS for Dungeons - What is the best DPS to play? (2023)

Final Fantasy XIV's dungeons certainly consume a significant portion of the game's gameplay. Dungeons are specific instances that you can enter with a small group or group of four, mostly a tank, a healer, and two DPS. As they progress through the main scenario questline, players will encounter a variety of dungeons throughout the game.

Long dungeons full of puzzles, challenging dungeons that are famous as "rites of passage" for novice players to test their skills, dungeons known for their beautiful scenery or good music, and many more are examples of these variations.

It's safe to say that any player who jumps into FFXIV will encounter a plethora of dungeons. This position will go through the highest DPS of the dungeon used in FFXIV. This will be determined by how simple it is for said DPS to kill monsters and bosses in all dungeons from level 16 to level 80.

5. Blue Wizard

[Top 5] FF14 Best DPS for Dungeons - What is the best DPS to play? (1)

A dazzling Blue Mage with his glowing staff.

While Blue Mage has several limitations when it comes to clearing any game content, it also has many advantages, most notably for farming dungeons repeatedly for specific purposes such as obtaining glamour, Triple Triad cards, minions, and many other rarities.

Why Blue Mage is great for Dungeoneering DPS:

  • They have many skills to choose from in their arsenal, which makes a Blue Mage a very versatile job to get into any dungeon.
  • They have various abilities that can kill multiple mobs at once.
  • They also have several abilities that even have a chance to kill some dungeon bosses.
  • Due to their large arsenal of abilities and ethereal mimicry, Blue Mages can also be tanks or healers.
  • Going through a dungeon with four Blue Mages takes no time, as they can kill all mobs at once.

Choose Blue Mage if:

  • You don't mind organizing your own party, either with friends or with Party Finders.
  • You would like to obtain powerful, impressive and unique skills by learning them from specific enemies.
  • You like having different skill sets that you can use in different dungeons.
  • You would like to clear dungeons quickly for events, minions, glamor and other reasons

4. Red Wizard

[Top 5] FF14 Best DPS for Dungeons - What is the best DPS to play? (2)

Red Mages are magic DPS that also have melee combos.

The versatile mage, Red Mage, is highlighted as the second DPS on this list. Red Mages are known for their abilities, which range from flashy magical emanations to powerful and rewarding melee combos.

Why Red Mage is great for Dungeoneering DPS:

  • Powerful AoE spells, even in lower level dungeons, making it easier to kill mobs faster.
  • Starts at level 50, making leveling less tedious.
  • The mix between powerful spells and melee combos can make for an interesting battle, especially for players who like the best of both worlds, spells and blades.
  • The combinations are quite simple and easy to learn, so even novice or novice players can pick up this job faster.
  • Red Mage is dualcast which makes him a caster that can easily switch between each spell as he can instantly cast every 2nd spell.
  • It is one of the casters that has a boost ability, which can be extremely useful when a healer dies or the party is in danger. With the addition of the dual squad, Red Mages can quickly resurrect everyone with little delay.
  • They also have a healing spell with significant power so they can save when they are in danger and the healer is not around or out of mana.

Choose Red Wizard if:

  • Have fun playing caster and melee.
  • Looking to find a DPS that is pretty straightforward.
  • You're looking for a DPS that can do pretty significant damage while also having flashy abilities that are nice to look at.
  • You're looking for a DPS Caster that can also constantly move from place to place.
  • Looking to find a DPS that has team and save abilities.

3. Dancer

[Top 5] FF14 Best DPS for Dungeons - What is the best DPS to play? (3)

A dancer with her cute moves in the full Shadowbringers trailer.

Dancer is the game's third physical range DPS, added in the Shadowbringers expansion. They incorporate quick, graceful movements into their attack combos to deliver deadly blows to their opponents. Not to mention Dancer has a plethora of fans at his disposal.

Why Dancer is great Dungeon DPS:

  • They have strong AoE abilities even at lower levels, allowing them to help deal a lot of damage to mobs.
  • They start at level 60, making grinding a lot less painful compared to some other jobs.
  • They can choose a dance partner and their partner will receive a significant increase in their DPS, making the dungeon smoother.
  • Dancer also has a high bonus damage to the entire party every 120 seconds, in addition to dealing heavy damage to all nearby enemies.
  • In addition, they also have Shield Samba, a torment for the whole group so that they take less damage.
  • Dancer is also very beginner friendly as the learning curve is not as high as it is with some other jobs.

Choose Dancer if:

  • Enjoy watching your character move in a very cute and attractive way to kill enemies.
  • You want to help your team by providing bonus damage and mitigation.
  • You want a DPS job that's fairly easy to learn, with a clear and simple mix.
  • You want to be able to move around and avoid mechs easily, as the Dancer can attack from long range without having to cast.

2. Appellant

[Top 5] FF14 Best DPS for Dungeons - What is the best DPS to play? (4)

A Summoner with his pet Garuda.

Summoner is a DPS job that deals serious damage to the enemy's heart with the help of his summon. Currently, Summoner is very good as a DPS dungeon for several reasons.

Why Summoner is a good DPS in dungeons:

  • Eles possuem três invocações diferentes que podem ser usadas adequadamente dependendo de cada batalha.
  • By summoning Garuda, summoners can deal a lot of AoE damage to mobs, paving the way for the boss much faster.
  • Furthermore, the Summoner can also summon Ifrit to deal devastating one-time damage to the Boss.
  • Not to mention, by spinning them, the Summoner can also summon Bahamut and Firebird, which dole out an insane amount of DPS to their enemies.
  • Summoners also have two powerful damage over time (DoTs) that can also spread to other nearby enemies.
  • They also have a Resurrection ability, which allows them to save a group from a wipeout by reviving the downed healer or tank.
  • Summoner also has a lot of instant cast abilities, which makes him an easy to move DPS Caster.

Choose Summoner if:

  • You like a combo job with a specific spin to do a lot of damage.
  • You like having summons by your side to help you deal heavy damage to enemies.
  • You like an all-rounder job that can deal a lot of damage to both AoE and single targets.
  • You like playing a Caster that can still move around the arena.

1. Mechanical engineer

[Top 5] FF14 Best DPS for Dungeons - What is the best DPS to play? (5)

Engineers with their drill gun.

The final DPS featured in this article is Machinist, the game's second physical range DPS added with the Heavensward expansion. They wreak havoc with their firearms and assault rifles.

Why Machinist is the best DPS for dungeons:

  • They have strong AoE skills even at lower levels.
  • Machinist is the only physical ranged DPS that doesn't need to deal RNG to deal more damage.
  • They start at level 30, which allows players to skip the tedious initial job leveling.
  • They can summon an automaton, and later an automaton queen that can help them hit enemies, before eventually self-destructing to deal burst damage.
  • They require a lot of weaving and quick movements, making it a very exciting job.

Choose Mechanical if:

  • You want to use guns and other artillery to damage enemies.
  • You want to be able to call your personal answering machine.
  • You want a physical range DPS that does a lot of damage and doesn't have to rely on any RNG.
  • You want a DPS that can handle quick attacks, making combat fun to play and learn.

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