What is Postmates? A definitive guide for pilots and drivers (2023)

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Whether you are lazy at home or busy at work, choose lunch or evenbreakfast delivery, is usually the obvious choice.

Our world is being transformed by technology and the gig economy.

It's easier than ever to get what you want at the touch of a button - whether it's an independent contractor, a ride from a company like Uber or a hot meal delivered to your door.

With apps like Postmates readily available to use, you can place your next order in just a few taps, any time of day.

So how does Postmates work?

Postmates has been actively connecting users with local restaurants and drivers since 2012, when CEO Bastian Lehmann founded the company with co-founders Sam Street and Sean Plaice. While this basic concept may be simple, you might still be wondering about the ordering options, pricing, and more features that you should expect in the Postmates app.

What exactly makes customers choose Postmates when the big three food delivery giants -Trace Holder,GrubHubGenericName, eUber Eats- could you easily have food delivered to your doorstep?

Pair chickens:

  • What is Postmates?
  • How does Postmates work?
  • Postman order options
  • How much does the postman cost?
    • Blitz Prices
    • Calculation of postage fees
    • cost reduction
  • How to order food in the Postmates app
  • common questions


  • What is Postmates?
  • How does Postmates work?
  • Postman order options
  • How much does the postman cost?
  • How to order food in the Postmates app
  • common questions
  • Browse mails with ease

What is Postmates?

Postmates is a good thing toofood delivery servicethat allows customers to order almost anything they want, including personal items, groceries, and restaurant meals.

The idea is for these things to be delivered to the customer's doorstep in less than an hour.

Almost anything can be delivered through Postmates, whether you're looking for a new shirt for a big date, a new set of headphones, or a meal.

Let's be honest, the most common orders are for places like McDonald's.

But Postmates differentiates itself from competitors like DoorDash by claiming that you can order "anything".

Items that will not be delivered by Postmates include:

  • Gift cards
  • live animals
  • Arms
  • explosives
  • Any controlled or illegal substances

It's a simple idea, but that$400 million startupit is a great success.

It has grown from its beginnings in San Francisco in 2011 to become one of the main pillars of the on-demand delivery economy.

Postmates exploits the gig economy like Uber and Lyft to hire delivery drivers, known as couriers.

Couriers are independent contractors who use their own vehicles (or even bicycles and scooters in some cities) to complete deliveries.

If you're curious about the ins and outs of the Postmates revolution, read on to find out everything you need to know about this groundbreaking app and how you can engage with everything the job has to offer.

How does Postmates work?

What is Postmates? A definitive guide for pilots and drivers (1)

As a Postmates user, you can have food from your favorite restaurants delivered to your doorstep just by going to the mobile app or the company's website.

Postmates helps you skip the traditional process of ordering delivery - which often involves Google searches, website visits and phone calls - and get a complete directory of local restaurants and their menus on one platform. Once you've selected your desired meal, it only takes a few taps to send your order straight to the restaurant.

The Postmates app allows you to keep track of every part of the delivery process. You'll see when the selected restaurant starts preparing your order. When your order is almost ready for pick up, you will also see the Postmates mail you came across and your location in real time.

Couriers are usually assigned based on proximity to the pickup location, so you don't have to worry about long delays with your order. Once your order is delivered, you can instantly search for your meal, rate your restaurant, and tip your Postmates driver (with any order). Tips are processed 24 hours after submission.

Postman order options

While Postmates delivery is the main service offered in the app, you have some additional ordering options that you can take advantage of.

Here are three ordering options to choose from:

  • Distribution:When choosing a standard delivery, you can choose to have your driver bring your meal directly to you, meet you outside, or leave your order at your door for contactless delivery.
    You can even schedule a delivery on the checkout page if you don't want it delivered right away.
  • To bring together:If you want to avoid delivery fees and tips, you can order from the Postmates Pickup tab.
    Rather than being assigned a driver, you'll have to pick up your order yourself, but you can relax at home until the app tells you your package is ready.
  • Party:Another way to save is to order from the Postmates "Party" tab.
    ONEparty matesgroups your order with that of other customers who have chosen the same restaurant. Your order may take a little longer as your driver may make a few stops before you, but you will be exempt from the delivery fee. Party orders must be $15 or more and placed within a five-minute period.

What makes Postmates particularly unique is the fact that it offers more than just food.

In addition to offering delivery from thousands of partner restaurants across the country, Postmates also delivers office supplies, alcohol, pet supplies, convenience store items and other household essentials.

Although not on the same scale asInstacart ή Shipt, Postmates also offers grocery delivery in select markets.

Some of the biggest food and retail chains you can order from include Starbucks, Chipotle, Subway, McDonald's, Papa John's Pizza, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, Staples, and PetSmart.

How much does the postman cost?

Postmates' pricing strategy is quite simple to understand.

Anything can be delivered from any location for costs $5.99 to $9.99, however, this does not cover the price of the item collected by your Postman if you are a customer.

Postmates also runs special deals for customers of its brand partners where you can get a pickup for $1.99 to $3.99.

A variable percentage service charge is also applied to the price of ordered items, and during peak times of the day, delivery prices for some items may increase.

This is called "Blitz" pricing.

For a typical Postmates delivery, you can expect the following factors to affect the pre-tax price of your order:

  • Order option:The cost of your meal (or products) may be the same or slightly higher than the store, depending on the prices set by your merchant.
  • Delivery cost:You will pay $0.99 - $3.99 when ordering from the official websitepostal partner merchantsand $5.99 to $9.99 when ordering from other restaurants.
  • Service charge:All orders are charged based on a percentage commission which may vary depending on where you place the order.
  • Small cart fee:If you don't meet the minimum purchase order total (usually $12), you will be charged a $1.99 fee.
  • Blitz Price:Charges may be higher during peak hours, which are usually during lunch and dinner hours.
  • Suggestion: Tip your driverat least 15% are customized for the Postmates app.

Let's break down some of these pricing variables.

Blitz Prices

At peak times during the day, there may be changing pricing patterns for Postmates customers, depending on the popularity of the app and the number of people submitting requests.

This is a form of price increase that Postmates calls Blitz pricing.

Customers are informed on the checkout screen if they will need to pay a higher price for delivery before ordering a Postmate.

People registered as "unlimited subscriber" will not pay Blitz price for their order.

Blitz pricing is very similar toUber SURGE price.

Used when in-app demand exceeds available couriers.

Typically, the Blitz algorithm means that the amount a courier can charge for a delivery can be up to 1.25x, 1.5x or 1.75x the original price.

However, it rarely exceeds this level for most couriers.

For people willing to deliver at any time of the day or night, Blitz's prices can be a great incentive.

Typically, Blitz prices happen more organically on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

In some areas it can happen at lunchtime on a weekday, but it is more common when there are offers or events.

Calculation of postage fees

In the past, Postmates has faced some scrutiny from customers who claim that the "estimated" quote for what they should expect to pay for a delivery is actually a lot different than what they have to pay when the mail arrives at their home or office. . .

After a customer uses the Postmates app to place an order, the company provides an estimate of the cost of that order.

It's worth noting that these estimates are not always completely accurate.

Quotes are calculated by adding up the total cost of items ordered, before adding a service charge (varies by delivery) and delivery price.

In some cases, changing menu prices means that if someone uses Postmates to order food for delivery, they may have to pay more when they get home than the amount suggested by the app.

If you decide to cancel your order after your restaurant has already started preparing it, you will be charged the price of your meal plus a small cancellation fee.

You may also be charged the delivery and service fee if the delivery person has already been dispatched to the restaurant.

cost reduction

Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce costs.

First-time users can get $100 in free shipping usingPostmates promo codes.

Current users can get $25 Postmates credit by referring new users.

The platform also always has a "Deals of the day" section, where you can find offers offered directly by the restaurants.

Frequent customers can also registerPostmates Unlimited, a subscription plan that can offer big savings.

When you sign up for $9.99 a month or $99 a year, you get free shipping on orders over a set minimum (typically $10-15), Blitz pricing waivers, and access to special offers, giveaways, and events.

How to order food in the Postmates app

Once you've downloaded the Postmates app to your iPhone or Android and completed the simple sign-up instructions, ordering food from the Postmates app is easy.

Start by selecting "Delivery", "Pick Up" or "Party" from the tabs at the top of the screen.

What is Postmates? A definitive guide for pilots and drivers (3)

Then start browsing dealer options by scrolling down or filtering your results.

Once you find a location where you want to order, tap on the merchant.

Once you see the restaurant menu, tap on the items you want to order, customize or add notes as needed, and add them to your cart.

When you're done selecting menu items, tap "View Order" at the bottom of the screen.

What is Postmates? A definitive guide for pilots and drivers (4)

Please make sure your order and order total - including taxes, fees and any discounts - are correct on the checkout page.

Then press 'Verify Order' to confirm or edit your delivery address, delivery time and payment method.

Click "Order Delivery" to submit your order.

common questions

Once you understand how Postmates works, you can easily navigate the app right from the start.

These FAQs will help you get to know our food delivery service even better before signing up:

1. Where is Postmates available?

Postmates is currently available in all 50 US states, including major cities like San Francisco and New York, as well as Washington, D.C.

You can see a complete Postmates shopping list atthis page of cities.

2. How long should I expect my order to arrive from Postmates?

The estimated delivery time will always depend on the distance from the selected restaurant and how long the restaurant estimates it will take to complete the preparation of each order.

This usually takes about 30 to 50 minutes or so.

3. What payment methods does Postmates accept?

Postmates accepts credit card, debit card and Google Pay.

If you need to update your payment method, simply go to your app's settings section and tap 'Payment' to add your new card or account details.

4. Is there an age minimum for users to use Postmates?

All Postmates users must be at least 18 years of age.

If you wish to order alcohol on the platform, you must be 21 years of age with government ID as the delivery driver will ask you to verify your age upon arrival.

5. Can I change my order after I submit it in the Postmates app?

The Postmates app allows you to communicate with your courier.

If you want to change something in your order, please contact the courier as soon as possible.

Just note that if your move involves the courier having to deal with additional work, delivery may take longer than the time you mentioned when ordering.

6. Do Postmates prices change during peak periods of high demand?


Blitz pricing comes into play when delivery requirements are higher than normal, such as during peak periods.

The price increase is intended to incentivize Postmates couriers to be available, helping to ensure delivery deadlines are met.

You will be notified in the app when you place your order that Blitz pricing applies and you will be given the opportunity to delay or cancel your order if you are not comfortable with the premium cost.

7. What are the most common Postmates deliveries?

WhileMailmen can deliver anything from an iPad to groceries, with the most common delivery being travel..

8. How long does Postmates delivery take?

When an order is accepted on Postmates, the customer will see an "Estimated Delivery Time".

The calculation takes into account several different factors when evaluating your order, including:
– postman's job
– Food preparation time
– Amount of traffic
– Distance from the collection point

Of course, numerous factors can influence delivery time.

9. Does Postmates offer free delivery?

People often wonder if there is a way to waive the delivery fee that comes with using Postmates.

In general, the Postmates delivery fee ranges from $3.99 to $5.99, depending on the required travel distance and whether or not it is during peak hours.

The delivery fee is also limited to certain Postmates partners such as Chipotle.

At peak times delivery prices can end up going up.

However, before confirming your order, you will always be informed of the total shipping price.

Postmates also offers a subscription service known as Postmates Unlimited.

The cost is usually $9.99 per month, billed once a year.

Often, however, Postmates will have a special sale where they offer the service at 30% off or $6.99 a month.

Here's what's included in a Postmates Unlimited subscription:
– $0 shipping on all orders over $20
– All merchants are included without exception
– No peak hour price increases at any time
– Alcoholic drinks and groceries delivered in less than 30 minutes for free, regardless of the size of your order

If you're going to be using Postmates regularly, this subscription model offers fantastic value.

Browse mails with ease

Now that we've answered your biggest question - "How does Postmates work?" — you can easily enjoy the platform at your convenience. The food delivery app and all of its options are incredibly simple to navigate. With Postmates, ordering from any local store or restaurant can be done in just a few taps, on whatever device you want to use.

If you want to compare your options before choosing your food delivery platform, start by reading us.Postmates vs. Grubhubit was damaged.

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