Why is my package still in transit at USPS? USPS Package Won't Move - PostScan Mail (2023)

The USPS handles millions of mail and packages every day; Despite a solid tracking system and hard-working crews, there are times when mistakes are inevitable. Therefore, customers sometimes encounter problems such as: a package stuck in transit at the USPS not moving, a lost or damaged box, or even an error in the USPS tracking system.

If your USPS package isn't moving or you want to know what it means when a package gets stuck in transit, dive into this article.

This article will guide you to the USPS package that does not move. Let's go!


What does your package stuck in transit mean?

Parcel stuck in transit:You've checked your tracking information, but your package won't be processed. If you are an online store owner, your customer must have started to worry about their order.

Once the USPS begins delivering your package, it will be marked as "in transit." If your package gets stuck, the tracking system will tell you that your USPS shipment is stuck or on the way, or you'll see a notification that says, "Your package is moving within the USPS network and is on its way, delivered to you to become goal final goal.'

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This means your package is still en route to delivery, but the USPS does not know the exact location of your package at this time. The notification is meant to make sure you get your packages soon, but it doesn't give anything away.

The journey of a USPS package begins with you dropping off the package at a local post office. Then the package will be picked up by a USPS freight driver who will transport your package to the next destination. Your package will be scanned prior to being loaded onto the outbound truck and will then show as "in transit" in the USPS tracking system.

Your package will then be taken to the Network Distribution Center (NDC). A sizeable regional office is responsible for routing email to various locations. Once the packages are sorted at the NDC, they are taken to the nearest depot or shipped if they are being delivered to nearby locations.

During this journey, your tracking system will continue to update your package's new location as it is scanned. Except when a box isn't moving

Generally, when the USPS says a package is stuck in transit, it means your package has not been checked into a distribution depot in the last 24 hours; Therefore nobody knows the current location of your shipment.

Why is my package still in USPS transit? motionless package

With the USPS sending out billions of pieces of mail annually, it shouldn't sound strange if some of them get lost. However, the fact that your package is stuck in transit does not mean that it has been lost. Here are possible reasons why your tracking system keeps reporting that your package is stuck in transit.

1. Address problems (incorrect/incomplete address)

One of the possible reasons why your package gets stuck in transit is the wrong or incomplete address. If the sender misses a single digit of your zip code or doesn't write your address correctly, your package's joyous journey may be delayed. If this is your issue, contact the USPS to update your address and your package will continue on its journey.

To avoid this in the future, make sure you provide the sender with a correct address, and if you are the sender, be sure to bold and verify the address before sending the package to the USPS.

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2. International Customs: International shipping delay

If your package is an international shipment, it may get stuck at customs due to incomplete customs documentation, unpaid taxes, or if your package contains prohibited items.

Before sending an international shipment, please check that the customs documents are free of errors, that you have no outstanding taxes, and that the package does not contain any illegal items.

3. The packet was lost in the sending infrastructure (encrypted, misplaced, misclassified, or grossly mishandled)

With hundreds of packages passing through the USPS sorting facility every day, your package could be in the wrong area. This is usually due to misplacement or misclassification and can result in the loss of a packet. In this case, please do not hesitate to file a complaint and request a refund.

4. The package was too big or too heavy

If your package is heavier than the shipping label, the warehouse may stop shipping until you pay the difference.

5. The packet was lost in the forwarding infrastructure

Because there are thousands of packages in the USPS shipping infrastructures, it's easy to lose a package, especially a small one. If you suspect your package has been lost, you can file a claim and request a refund for a lost USPS package.

6. Time and Delays in Transportation

Environmental influences, which we cannot control, can also cause delays in package delivery. From inclement weather to traffic, packages can be slow when they reach the nearest depot. Therefore, the USPS will continue to notify you that your package is not moving.

7. Improper packaging

If your package is poorly packaged, the USPS may choose to stop your journey as it is considered unstable and dangerous. So make sure your packages are packed properly so the Breaky doesn't fall apart during the journey.

Other points to note:

  • It may take 24-48 hours for your tracking status to be updated.
  • Please refer to your estimated delivery sample when the time is given. If you sent overnight and it's a day late, wait a day; The delay may be weather or traffic related. But if it's been four days, something is definitely wrong.
  • The distance between distribution depots can be thousands of miles. This means that in some cases it may take a few days for the tracking information to update, especially with slower USPS delivery services. However, if you are sending Priority or First Class mail, it shouldn't take longer than 24 for your tracking system to update.

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USPS Tracking Information You Should Know

As your package passes through the USPS, the tracking system will continue to provide you with information. Here's what some of this information means:

Shipping statistics not updated

This message appears when your package is due for delivery but the postman doesn't check it after 14 hours. The USPS automatically sets the message to appear after 14 hours without verification. There are several reasons why this message appears in your tracking system. It could be that your postman is at the end of his shift and has the mail ready for delivery the next day, or he may have left your package in the van. It could also be that the postman is ill, on vacation, or the delivery truck has had an accident.

clogged intake

It means something blocked your mailbox when the postman came to deliver your package. It could be something as simple as a car or a dumpster, making it difficult for your carrier to provide. For this reason, the USPS requires that you make room in your mailbox so your mailman can arrive, deliver, and depart without too much stress.

Late delivery

This indicates that the air carrier failed to deliver mail and packages received by the destination postal service within the time frame for that delivery.

No delivery access

This indicates that the USPS was unable to deliver the package to the address you provided; Therefore you have to change the address.

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What should I do if my USPS package is still stuck in USPS transit (no movement package)?

1. Check your delivery sample

If your USPS package sits motionless for a while, first check the delivery pattern for your chosen shipping class.The following list will be helpful:

  1. first class mail- 1 to 3 business days
  2. priority mail— 1, 2 or 3 business days
  3. Express Priority Mail- 1 to 2 calendar days
  4. USPS Retail Premises- 2 to 8 business days
  5. media post- 2 to 8 business days
  6. Bound Prints- 2 to 8 business days
  7. Rate Select rates- 2 to 9 business days
  8. Parcel Select Parcelas Leves- 2 to 9 business days
  9. USPS-Marketing-Mail- 3 to 10 business days

If you've waited longer thanfive dayssomething is wrong for first class and priority mail and more than two weeks for the other classes of mail. Contact your courier and let them know your USPS package isn't moving or is stuck in transit. If your package or mail is lost, you can file a claim with the USPS and request a refund.

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See below for more information.How to find lost USPS packages or lost mail

2. Please contact your local post office

Go to your local post office and ask the staff for help. Make sure you go with your phone to show them your tracking information. You can also call and ask to speak to the manager. Postal workers often have a heavy workload to manage. Hence, you need to be patient and kind with them to complete your work.

3. Conduct an online search and follow up

If your local post office is unable to assist you, it is best to submit a customer service request atUSP official website.

The USPS will ask you where your mail or package is and email you with the results. This means the USPS is looking online and at your placephysical locationsto find your package.

Hopefully your package will be found and the USPS will ship it to you. However, if you can't find your shipment, quickly notify your recipient to see if you can send a replacement package or request a refund. If your cargo is insured and has reached a certain value,complain, and you will receive compensation within a few days.

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Why is my package in transit but not moving? ›

Your package could be stuck in transit for many reasons: loss, damage, or even a USPS tracking system failure. More likely, though, the short-staffed US Post Office has misplaced, mislabelled, or simply overlooked your package. This means it can be located easily enough once you call attention to its absence.

Should I be worried if my USPS package is stuck in transit? ›

If you receive an “In Transit Arriving Late” status message from USPS, it usually means that your package is running late and may not be delivered on time. Usually, there is no need to worry, as your parcel will most likely still arrive on time.

How long does a USPS package stay in transit? ›

USPS Retail Ground: 2 to 8 business days. Package Services (including Media Mail, Bound Printed Matter, and Library Mail): 2 to 8 business days. Parcel Select (including Parcel Select Lightweight): 2 to 9 business days. Periodicals: 3 to 9 business days.

Why is my USPS package tracking not updating? ›

If the tracking information for your package has not been updated in a few days, it's possible that there was an issue with the scan, or that the package has been temporarily misplaced. Sometimes packages just aren't scanned into the carrier's system at intermediary stops, so it looks like nothing is happening.

How do you know if USPS lost your package? ›

Submit a Missing Mail Search Request

If after 7 business days from when you submitted your online help request form your mail or package hasn't arrived, submit a Missing Mail search request with the following information: Sender mailing address. Recipient mailing address.

What to do if my USPS package is late and not updating? ›

Contact USPS Customer Service

This number – 1-800-275-8777 – will get you with the USPS customer service support hotline on the phone, giving you a chance to explain your situation, provide your tracking information, and see if the USPS can find your package (and give you an update) using their backend tools.

What do I do if my USPS package hasn't moved in a week? ›

Contact USPS customer service

The easiest way to get help is to call the USPS service hotline at 1-800-275-8777 for answers and information on any tracking update questions. You can also call technical support at 1-800-344-7779 or delivery tracking at 1-800-222-1811.

Why has my package been in transit for so long? ›

Your package could be stuck in transit for many reasons: loss, damage, or even a USPS tracking system failure. More likely, though, the short-staffed US Post Office has misplaced, mislabelled, or simply overlooked your package. This means it can be located easily enough once you call attention to its absence.

Can I call USPS to see where my package is? ›

Who do I contact for additional help? You may call this phone number to obtain additional information on USPS Text Tracking: 1-800-222-1811. To obtain help from your mobile device, use any of the following: HELP, INFO, or AIDE.

When a package is in transit is it out for delivery? ›

The tracking status of a package can say a lot about where it is and how soon it will be delivered. “In transit” means that your package is on its way to the destination post office. “Out for delivery” means that your package has left the post office and is now in the process of being delivered to the address.

Can a package be delivered when it says in transit? ›

'In transit' means that your package is on its way to its final destination. It does not necessarily mean that your package is in a moving vehicle such as an aircraft or truck. It may be at a FedEx facility.

Can a package be delivered without being scanned? ›

The package may not have been scanned at the last checkpoint when it was loaded onto the mail truck. The item will be in the truck and will probably be delivered on time, but without being scanned before loading it up, the tracking page will still show the delivery scan holdup.

Can USPS tracking be wrong? ›

There are a couple of reasons that a USPS tracking number might display a Delivered status, even though you just generated a label or shipped the package. It could be either the USPS assigned a repeated tracking number to your shipment or the USPS scanned the shipment incorrectly.

How long before USPS mail is considered lost? ›

A Lost Article is defined as any mailing that has not been received and has not been returned to the sender. Customers may file claims for damaged and/or missing contents immediately, but no later than 60 days from the date of mailing.

What happens if USPS loses my package with tracking? ›

You can report a missing USPS package by filing a claim at the USPS claims site. The sender or receiver of a USPS package can file a claim, but the original purchase receipt must be available. You can receive a refund for mail that is lost or never delivered to its final destination as long as the package is insured.

Does USPS actually investigate lost packages? ›

Here's how it works: the USPS processing centers send all their undeliverable mail to the Mail Recovery Center. They scan and open the packages to look for identifying info that may help get the package to its rightful owner—if the item has a value of $25 or more.

What to do if USPS tracking is not updated for 3 days? ›

Call The USPS. If there is no change in the status after a few days, you can call USPS Customer Service (1800-ASK-USPS) and inquire about your parcel. On the website, you can also find an email address and other numbers you can call to get the information you need.

Should I call USPS if my package is late? ›

If your mail is arriving late, being misdelivered, or you are having a problem with an attempted delivery, please contact your local post office, your local Postal Service Consumer & Industy Contact office or you may file a complaint online.

What can I do if USPS doesn't deliver on time? ›

USPS has a money-back guarantee for all Priority Mail Express packages. These packages should be delivered within two days and by 6:00pm local time at the recipient's address. If your shipment is not delivered by the label's Scheduled Delivery Date, you can request a postage refund.

What can I do if my package is not moving? ›

Contact your Courier and inform them your USPS package is not moving or is stuck in transit. If your package or mail is lost, you can file a claim and request a refund from USPS.

Can I sue USPS for a late package? ›

You can't sue for lost mail, so think about getting insurance if you are concerned about a particular package. You can also send it through certified mail to receive proof that the mail was delivered.

What is the longest postal delay? ›

A bag of Indian diplomatic mail took more than 46 years to be delivered. The mail bag was found on Mont Blanc in the French Alps, near the site of an Air India plane crash from 1966. Mountain rescue worker Arnaud Christmann and his neighbour Jules Berger recovered the bag on 21 August 2012.

Will USPS refund for late delivery? ›

The United States Postal Service® refunds the postage and, if purchased, the Sunday or holiday premium fee: When the item is not delivered by the guaranteed delivery date and time specified at the time of mailing.

Why has my package not been scanned? ›

There are a few reasons why your package status may not be updated right away: If you drop your package off after hours, USPS or UPS won't scan it in until the next day. It's in queue at a USPS or UPS facility. The postal workers or UPS workers scanning packages simply didn't get to it that day.

Where does a package go after transit? ›

The overwhelming majority of the time that you see the “The Item is Currently in Transit to the Destination” tracking message it means that your package is one USPS facility away from arriving at your local post office or USPS fulfillment center where it's actually going to be processed for delivery.

Why does USPS tracking only say in transit? ›

When the USPS's tracking system marks a piece of mail as “In Transit to Next Facility,” it's actually just a placeholder message meaning, “We don't have a more specific scan today, but rest assured, it's en-route.” It shows up once a day when there has been no other scanning activity within the last 24 hours.

Why does USPS say in transit? ›

What does this mean, “in transit: Arrived at USPS Regional Facility”? The in-transit simply refers to the fact it is not to its final destination yet and the arrived at Regional facility is telling you where along the Route it is at this point. The next one in line will be departed from the same Regional facility..

How long is too long to wait for a package? ›

How long is too long to wait for a package? If you've waited longer than five days for the First class and priority mails and more than two weeks for the other mail classes, then something is amiss. Contact your Courier and inform them your USPS package is not moving or is stuck in transit.

What happens if a USPS package isn't scanned? ›

If they can not read the barcode and the tracking number is missing they will deliver it without the scan. But both being missing is very rare. (They can also look up the tracking number based on the shipping address and/or delivery address).

Can USPS miss out for delivery scan? ›

Awaiting Delivery Scan means the package was out for delivery, but has not yet been scanned at the door. This doesn't necessarily mean the package wasn't delivered—sometimes the mail carrier simply forgets to scan the package, or the system hasn't yet updated its status.

Does USPS automatically update tracking? ›

While the USPS tracking system updates itself continuously to give you the most current information about your Mail or package, it doesn't guarantee delivery of your item. USPS doesn't charge an additional cost for the Tracking of mailpiece or packages that automatically comes with the USPS tracking.

Does in transit mean my package is moving? ›

'In transit' means that your package is on its way to its final destination. It does not necessarily mean that your package is in a moving vehicle such as an aircraft or truck.

What happens if my package is still in transit? ›

“In transit” can both mean that the package has just left the collection warehouse, is in between two hubs, or is already on its way to your address. In summary, if your parcel or order is “in transit”, this just means that everything is as it should be, and you should receive it soon.

What does it mean when your package is stuck in transit? ›

But what does “stuck in transit” actually mean? To put it simply, it means that the delivery is taking longer than usual due to a number of factors, such as weather delays, split shipments, or even a lost package.

What happens when a package is stuck in transit? ›

The package stays in transit until the driver/postman delivers it. When parcel is stuck in transit it means that the package is no longer progressing towards its destination and it is either kept in one of the courier company's depots for further checks or stuck in customs.

What happens if USPS tracking hasn't updated in a week? ›

The USPS considers a package lost if tracking information has not been updated in seven days. If you are concerned that your tracking number is not updating and the package has been lost, you can place a missing shipment search with USPS.

What causes a package to be delayed in transit? ›

Truck breakdowns, accidents, traffic challenges, natural disasters, changes in carrier routes, severe weather, and staffing fluctuations in Post Office facilities are just a few unusual reasons why your package may be delayed.


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